Is Slack making your team less productive?

I can help you set up your company Slack so your team is focused on delivering your business goals without confusion or distraction. To learn how lets chat.

Steven Hylands

Slack Productivity Consultant

Hey, I'm Steven. For 6 years I've utilised Slack for workplace communication. Along the way, I've developed a deep understanding of how to set it up for success. I even built my own Slack app Lowdown to help.

Since its birth in 2013, Slack has opened up a new world of real-time communication opportunities. It's a powerful, versatile tool that's enabled companies worldwide to communicate and organise information in a way that suits them. But with great power comes great responsibility. If you don't set out on the right path with Slack, it can become a communication nightmare.

Have you thrown your team into Slack without any usage strategy or communication plan? If so it's likely they have developed bad habits. As a result, they're struggling to focus on work, reducing their productivity.

The pains of no plan

If you haven't defined any rules, I'd bet your team members will:

  1. Feel they must keep up with everything but can't.

  2. Continually check Slack for unread messages to read.

  3. Experience constant distracting chat notifications.

  4. Miss critical information lost in the shuffle.

Any of this sound familiar? If these issues could be irradiated, how much more productive would your team be?

Set up Slack for success

I'm using my experience with Slack to help companies fix these problems. Aligning them around a set of communication rules. When followed the result is everyone on the same page, set up to deliver business goals without confusion or distraction.

I've designed my Slack consultancy service to help you make the most of Slack. Here's what's involved:

Slack consultancy process


I speak to your team leaders to gain a deep understanding of your company communication structure and goals.

Then I'll monitor and analyse your Slack to spot where productivity improvements can be made.

Note: An NDA is signed in advance so you can be confident your data will never be shared.


I document my findings in a report on how you communicate in Slack. Highlighting what works and most importantly where you could make efficiency and productivity gains with better practices. I'll share my report for your feedback.


Once you've had time to digest the report and feedback, I'll craft a set of tailored guidelines that you can use to get your team on the same page and set up your Slack for success.

This process takes roughly two days at a cost of $1,500.

Why do it?

When you properly set up Slack you give every team member solid foundations to work from and more time to focus. That means:

  1. You achieve your goals faster.

  2. Your company saves money.

  3. Fewer issues arise due to miscommunication.

Don't let a poorly set up Slack get in the way of your company goals

I'll help you ensure it's working well for your entire team. To get the ball rolling book in with me for a free 30-minute consultation call.

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